A Beautiful FollowUp

On my birthday, I posted a link to my last post, I Am Beautiful, on my Facebook page. I wrote it to accompany the photos I took and give some background on why I went crazy far outside of my comfort zone and did a photo shoot. I was surprised by some of the responses I received. Well…I was surpriGorgesed by ALL of the responses. I expected that a few people would say “Wow, nice pics. Who did them? Your hair looks great! Your makeup is flawless! Where did you get that dress? Your hair is fly!” And I did get all of that. But what I did not expect was the feedback from women that felt exactly as I did. Women that had spent some time in their past or present feeling unpretty, bound by their insecurities and perceived lack. These were women that I personally felt were text book flawless, timelessly gorgeous. Women with advanced degrees, babies, loving husbands, businesses, careers, families…GORGEOUS women! I was floored. And saddened. And motivated. More on that later.

I received multiple inbox messages from longtime friends, online friends, and perfect strangers. From what I heard, people began to share what I wrote with others, especially young women; daughters, nieces, etc. And the love I got back fed my spirit. Nearly everyone echoed the same sentiment: You are as beautiful inside as you are outside. My God. What a birthday.

Putting myself out there in such a way by posting pictures of my whole frame and writing words to accompany them, calling myself beautiful…it’s the antithesis of who I am. But the way God chose to use my decision, confirmed that it was the right thing to do.

Thank you for your feedback and positive thoughts.



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