Sunday Snapshot

My niece has a cat that embodies everything evil that you’ve ever heard about felines. She’s incredibly loving, but only when she feels like it, which is every other week and once a month during leap years. She’ll allow you pet her, but only where she throws herself into your hand, and she may change her mind mid-stroke. God help you if she changes her mind. I was sitting on the couch and I caught her behind the curtains in the window sill, thoughtfully planning my demise.





About Essplus

Amateur photographer. Writer. Foodie.


  1. I love cats anyway, but I really do love this as an image – its very well done! Adrian

    • Thank you!! It was quite the serendipitous capture. I looked up at just the right time!

      • There is sometimes an awful tendency to decry serendipity, I do it myself when I know that a shot of mine owes it success to luck. But then this good luck is probably balanced by bad luck – you or I have a great shot all lined up but something happens – with events or our technique – to ruin it. And a basic philosophy of mine is that if an image looks good, it is good – end of story >> no matter how much luck or manipulation was involved. So >>> great shot!!! Adrian 🙂

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