Hello Old Friend!

Well hello! Long time no see! It’s September. I suppose I was really serious about being silent this year. Sheesh. I won’t lie and say that I’ve been on some sort of spiritual journey between posts. Truth is, I’ve been experiencing life’s ups and downs. Some of the downs were so low, I couldn’t even bring myself to craft words to express the pain. But, I’m still here. I’m grateful to God for that.

This year, I chose to let go of the potential I saw in a relationship and instead made a decision about the reality of it. Later in the year, I fell wildly, madly in love with a childhood friend and began a robust love affair that later crashed and burned. I buried a friend that was so close to me, she took some of my secrets to her grave. I went through a major transition at work, had an accident and had to move out of my place for a few weeks. In 2015, I made a lot of decisions that were really, really hard and some that were super stupid. But…I made them for me and I’m better for it.

So, though I haven’t shared much here, I’ve experienced a lot. And all of those experiences have led to a deeper understanding of myself and the things I want to share in this space.

I’ll leave this entry as a new hello, for now. I’ll return later to begin the new chapter of Essplus.

See you soon!



About Essplus

Amateur photographer. Writer. Foodie.

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