For The Barren on Mother’s Day


You didn’t birth a child. But, you wanted one. You wanted one, badly. This day is a difficult one to endure, but you do it every year. Those kids that call you Auntie want nothing except their own Mommas on this day. But, Sis, let me tell you something.

You would have been a fucking fantastic mother.

You would have been the only obvious choice for Mother of the Year.

You would have been a homemade cooking, cookie baking, nose wiping, boo boo kissing, car pool driving, Super Mom.

You would have ruled with love and compassion and still taken a switch to those asses.

Your kids would have worshiped you.

They would have called you daily and told you how much they adored you.

On Mother’s Day your house would be full of flowers.

You would be so loved, other Mothers would be jealous of you.

You. Would. Have. Been. A. Great. Fucking. Mom.


About Essplus

Amateur photographer. Writer. Foodie.

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